our team

Boss Lady, head Stylist, heavy lifter, jobs coordinator, art hanger, and much much more. She started this business with little more than a garage, some furniture and a whole lotta hustle. With her love of buying and eye for styling, this job was made for Marion. Whether running a business, or looking after her 2 gorgeous girls, this Boss Lady can do it all. You will find Maz with either of the following in hand: chocolate or celery with peanut butter. On multiple occasions, in 1 day. As the founder of the THS G+T club, she has welcomed one and all in, including naming her other 2 gorgeous babies – Ginny (Truck 1) and Tonic (Truck 2).
Alan takes the role of peacemaker, the focuser for all procrastinators, task allocator and finance analyser, whilst playing the part of Husband to Marion. Alans patience with all the creative brains surrounding him makes him a balanced addition to the THS team. From the motherland of Ireland, and a lad at heart, he managed to become an Accountant and Recruitment Specialist, but still has not yet overcome his arachnophobia. When he is not ‘working’ or wrangling the kids, he is perfecting his meat smoking skills, fancy wining and dining with friends or hitting balls at the range. His good cop attitude makes him liked by all and he takes the regular banter with a grain of salt.
This lady is across all aspects of the business including growth strategies, marketing, and has a wealth of knowledge about design and decoration. GG runs our planning sessions, is the author of many ‘to-do’ lists, isn’t shy in being honest and leads the team to their potential. Other than Leading the amazing team, her other non-official duties include: Gift Wrapping aficionado, Birthday Celebration organiser, and the maker of the OG ‘warehouse cake’ (any excuse for cake). Her fur baby is whom she is Mummy to, and the Italian in her makes her a fine home cook too!
With experience in both Sydney and Brisbane property styling industries, Caitlin loves nothing more than talk all things styling! But styling hasn’t been her only love in life. Originally studying music and psychology at UQ, it wasn’t until her Statistics subject that she tapped out. Although a music nerd, she moved onto completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, loves dogs, is also on the THS G&T bandwagon. Not only is she a guru on everything interiors, she is a true creative with a passion for all things social media and marketing and loves being a part of the growth and vision of THS. On a less serious note though, she loves to crack a good’ol Dad joke, is OBSESSED with olives, and has a phobia of whales.
Gemma's love for interiors started as a young'in, growing up in a family of Builders, and with a dream to be an Architect. Her dream shifted to the interiors and fashion world where she went onto complete her Diploma in Interior Design and continues to be inspired by all things French and New York! If she isn't styling anything she can get her hands on, you will find her learning Italian, or wine'n'dining with an espresso martini. If you really want to be wow'd, then ask her to show you her party trick (hint: ears + brows)! Now picture this... Gemma, French Riviera, baguette, cheese, vino, beautiful flowing coral dress, hand painting her surroundings, with a french Bulldog named François in toe. Seriously, this is living Barry.
You name it, he can lift it. And always with a smile. Bayden’s passion comes from not only years of Removals experience, but also his want for the physically demanding role that keeps him fit and happy. If removals wasn’t enough though, daily gym sessions are a must followed by a night at home with trashy TV Shows. Grew up on the Gold Coast, a mad AFL supporter (Essendon who?), and can do a brilliant voice impression of Frank Walker from National Tiles. His dream is to sit on a beach in Greece, with a spiced rum in hand, making his peeps laugh at this own jokes. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring joy, right?
The calm in our (at times) chaos - Fraser brings so much more than just years of Property Styling experience, but most importantly his level-head and ‘zen’ nature to our fast paced team. A regular Yogi, an aspiring Philosopher and loves to share his life lessons from his backpacking experience in India. On the flip side? He has played every major sport, is keen to learn Mixed Martial Arts as a form of self-defence, and wants to live in the Amazon because, why not? Do not be fooled by his holistic approach to life though. Focused (on the job at hand), committed (to not let his team down), determined (to lift the heaviest item without a flinch) and can make an exceptional bed (teach him, and he will show you up).
A woman who presents herself with grace, integrity and does not have to earn herself a living. Although her daily duties are minimal, she tries to ensure that she is present and available for her team to improve culture and morale. Her chilled attitude makes her a ‘go-to’ for when someone is needing time out, or at the very least a cuddle. Like most of her colleagues, food is her priority, and is not shy in table hopping to find leftovers or crumbs. In fact, her eyes will longingly look into yours whilst you are eating, making you feel every sense of guilt – one may call this a talent. Dottie is known for her reliability in comforting herself on cushions and throws, watching your every move, wondering when and how she will find her opportunity to give unconditional love. As a lover, not a fighter, she is the THS Therapy dog through and through.