our team

Marion Director, Owner, Head Stylist
Boss Lady, head Stylist, heavy lifter, jobs coordinator, art hanger, and much much more. She started this business with little more than a garage, some furniture and a whole lotta hustle. With her love of buying and eye for styling, this job was made for Marion. Whether running a business, or looking after her 2 gorgeous girls, this gal can do it all.
Giacinta Operations Manager + Marketing
This lady is across all aspects of the business including growth strategies, marketing, and has a wealth of knowledge about design and decoration and did we mention she loves a good’ol piece of cake (preferably vanilla with cream and jam). GG runs our planning sessions, is the author of many ‘to-do’ lists, isn’t shy in being honest and leads the team to their potential. Her fur babies is whom she is Mummy to, and the Italian in her makes her a fine home cook too!
Catherine Head stylist
With her coffee in hand in the morning, and a G&T in the afternoon, you know this lady is on fire when she claps her hands and says “let’s go”. With her cheeky banter, fun-loving attitude and glamour style, Catherine leads the styling team to achieve exceptional results. With a background in restaurants, fashion and design, Catherine has amazing skill and knowledge that she is all too keen to share. And if she is hangry, a 1L tub of humus and crackers will hush her like a baby does to milk.
Jodie Senior Stylist
With over 15 years of Interiors experience, Jodie brings her love of colour and Mediterranean passion to the team. She draws upon her experience as a former secondary art teacher and her work with building business to bring a unique flare to her styling. A committed rower, family lover and all-time European traveller and is partial to an aesthetically pleasing cocktail… or 2.
Jess Warehouse Manager and Styling Assistant
Marble tables, large couches, boxes filled to the brim –you name it, she can lift it. You need repairs done? Yep she can do that too. Besides impressive muscles, she can also make an awesome bed, with not a thread out of place. Skateboarding, grid-iron, rap music and 3 kids are her loves, and because she cannot sit still, she will do the kangaroo point stairs and go mountain bike riding. She is the THS energiser bunny without the option to take the batteries out!