What is home staging?

Home staging is different to Interior Design. When you engage THS to style and stage your property, you are engaging professional stylists who are knowledgeable and experienced in real estate and know how to bring out a property’s full potential. Good home staging is designed to intrigue and captivate buyers. It highlights the properties positives while minimising any negatives and makes potential buyers feel they want the lifestyle the home has to offer.

What is vacant home staging?

When a property is vacant, THS will bring in all furniture items and accessories and professionally stage the property.

What is partially home staging?

When a property is owner occupied, and owners have some good furniture items such as beds, but require additional items such as dining tables and chairs, or a new lounge, THS is there with the options. THS also include accessory packs for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Rugs, artworks, coffee tables, prop TV’s, lamps and other staging accessories can also be included depending on what is needed to maximise the look and feel of the property. If there are items from the owner that are not suitable, or will not benefit the staging of the property, these items will be required to be stored offsite at the owner’s arrangement and cost.

How long does the home staging hire go for?

All hire quotations are inclusive of 6 weeks hire. If, however a shorter or longer time is required, this can be discussed based on availability.

What happens if my property doesn’t sell – can I extend the hire?

Although this does not happen often, there is an option to extend hire. The weekly extension hire fee will be listed on your quotation, and is based on availability.

What happens if my property sells prior to the hire ending – do I get a refund?

As a part of the T+C’s, if your property is sold prior to the 6 weeks, there is no refund. As soon as the property is unconditional, THS is to be notified so removal of items can be arranged.

Can you use some of my own furniture?

Where possible, yes! THS will use the owner’s furniture and accessories to avoid additional costs associated with hiring. If however the furniture is distracting due to size, style or age, THS requests that the item be removed, and may recommend hiring additional items to assist with the overall look and feel of the property.

How does THS choose furniture for a property?

THS selects from its large collection of furniture, props and accessories, and brings together a cohesive design based on the target market of buyers, the architectural features and space of the property. THS own all items, allowing control and flexibility during the design process.

Can I help during the installation process to reduced costs?

Whilst THS appreciate the offering of help, you are engaging professional stylists to bring out the best features in your property. With the ability to be emotionally disconnected from the property, the stylists can focus on the potential buyers, how the house will present and what will look best in photos.

Why can’t I just leave my property empty?

An empty property can be very confusing to potential buyers as it’s very hard to tell the scale or size of a room or how the space can be best used. Buyers may struggle to imagine what the room’s purpose may be and if their furniture will even fit. Empty spaces can look very sterile and uninviting giving the potential buyer nothing to look at but bare walls.

How much does it cost?

Each property is quoted based on its individual features and needs. Please contact THS to arrange a free quote.

What are the payment terms?

Full payment is required 3 days prior to installation. For extensions, full payment of the extension fee is required prior to the extension taking place.

You can also pay via Elevare Pay Easy. Visit their website for Terms& Conditions.

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